A queen wasp can live for several years. When the queen stops laying eggs, the hive breaks up and the worker wasps rarely survive the winter. The mated queens find shelter and emerge in spring to start a new colony. More »

The average lifespan of hornets in the wild is several months. The average length of a hornet is 1.25 inches. Hornets are classified as insects and are omnivorous. A group of hornets is referred to as a grist or hive. More »

Bees, wasps and hornets possess many different characteristics aside from their reputation as stinging insects. Aesthetic differences include variances in color, size and shape, while their lifestyle differences vary in ... More »

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According to National Geographic, wasps, and by extension their queens, can reach lengths of over 1.5 inches, although this is determined by species. The Asian giant hornet queen, for example, boasts a body length of nea... More »

The queen wasp is typically a quarter-inch longer than the other wasps and can be distinguished by its pointed lower abdomen and narrow waist-like section. However, some species of wasps do not have such noticeable chara... More »

Wasps are identified by their pointed lower abdomen and slim petiole, or waist, separating the abdomen from the thorax. Over 30,000 species of wasps have been identified, and they make up a large and diverse group of ins... More »

A wasp swarm refers to either a large group of wasps concentrated around a tall structure during mating season or the mass of wasps that rush out of the nest to defend it when disturbed. Wasps do not swarm for any other ... More »