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The importance of statistics in economics starts with economics research methods. These are used to collect and analyze data for factors, such as per capita income and inflation rate. Economics Statistics play a major role in this field and they feed into each since both are largely number- and fact-based.


8 Functions of Statistics (Scope and Importance) Article Shared by. ... Scope and Importance of Statistics: ... Static Economics: Scope, Importance and Limitations ; Relation of Statistics with other Sciences. Nature and Subject Matter of Statistics . Welcome to EconomicsDiscussion.net! Our mission is to provide an online platform to help ...


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Economic statistics is a topic in applied statistics that concerns the collection, processing, compilation, dissemination, and analysis of economic data.It is also common to call the data themselves 'economic statistics', but for this usage see economic data.The data of concern to economic statistics may include those of an economy of region, country, or group of countries.


Now statistics holds a central position in almost every field, including industry, commerce, trade, physics, chemistry, economics, mathematics, biology, botany, psychology, astronomy, etc., so the application of statistics is very wide. Now we shall discuss some important fields in which statistics is commonly applied.


The Role of Statistics in Economics. Much of economics depends on statistics. Economists use statistics to collect information, analyze data, and test hypotheses. Relationships between supply and demand and imports and exports are found using statistical information.


Statistics and probability which are branches of Mathematics are used in everyday business and economics. Mathematics also form an important part of accounting, and many accountancy companies ...


Well, statistics helps economics a lot.Here are some of the them: 1. Statistics helps in giving a quantitative expression to economic problems, eg. if one says that there are many unemployed people in India, it does not give u any idea, whereas if one says that about 26% people of India are unemployed, u get a better idea.


Statistics can usually be expressed as a percentage, a ratio, an average, a median and even a raw number. What's important is that the method used to calculate the statistic is uniform each time. A factory might want to simply count the number of widgets it makes.


ADVERTISEMENTS: Use of Statistics in Economics: Origin, Meaning and Other Details! Origin and Develop­ment of Statistics: Today, statistics or more specifically statistical method is used extensively in almost all phases of human endeavour. In ancient times, it dealt with the affairs of the state, like collection of information (or data) regarding population and property or […]