There are several fax numbers for the Internal Revenue Service depending on whether the matter is business or personal and the geographic location where the taxpayer resides, explains the IRS. The best way to determine t... More »

Taxpayers can file online complaints about misconduct by Internal Revenue Service personnel, deceptive practices by outside tax contractors and impersonation of IRS employees at, reports the Treasury Inspect... More » Business & Finance Taxes

A fax number is a phone number used by a facsimile, or fax, machine, sometimes also called a telefax or telecopy machine. A fax machine uses a series of signals to transmit a document from one location to another. More » Education

Both Social Security numbers and EINs are identification numbers to allow the IRS to enforce tax laws and rules, but a Social Security number is for an individual taxpayer, while an EIN number is for business taxpayers. ... More » Business & Finance Taxes

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When the Internal Revenue Service believes that a tax return was filed under a stolen identity, it suspends processing of the paperwork and mails an identity verification letter to the taxpayer, according to the IRS. The... More » Business & Finance Taxes

To fill out a blank IRS Form W-9, a taxpayer enters basic identification information, provides a taxpayer identification number in Part I, and signs and dates the certification statement in Part II, according to the Inte... More » Business & Finance Taxes