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The deltoids move the upper arm up and away from a neutral position at the side. They each have three different major regions, each with different attachment points around the shoulders. Each of these regions moves the arm in a different direction when flexed. All three major regions of the deltoids attach to the same point on the humerus.


The deltoid muscle is located on the outer aspect of the shoulder and is recognized by its triangular shape. The deltoid muscle was named after the Greek letter Delta due to the similar shape they ...


The deltoid muscle is a rounded, triangular muscle located on the uppermost part of the arm and the top of the shoulder. It is named after the Greek letter delta, which is shaped like an equilateral triangle. The deltoid is attached by tendons to the skeleton at the clavicle (collarbone), scapula (shoulder blade), and humerus (upper arm bone).


Like the fourth letter of the Greek alphabet, delta, the deltoid (-oid = “like”) muscle is triangular in shape, with its apex pointing distally along the humerus.It is the most superficial muscle spanning the glenohumeral joint, and gives the deltoid region of the shoulder its rounded appearance.. Understanding the deltoid muscle, especially its functions and innervation, is very important ...


An important function of the deltoid in humans is preventing the dislocation of the humeral head when a person carries heavy loads. The function of abduction also means that it would help keep carried objects a safer distance away from the thighs to avoid hitting them, as during a farmer's walk.


There are over 600 muscles in the human body. So do you know what the deltoid muscle is? In this lesson, we will learn where the deltoid muscle is and what it does!


The deltoid muscle is the muscle that gives the shoulder its rounded shape. Many mammals have this muscle, as the design is very efficient, and this muscle is responsible for the abduction of the shoulder and some of the rotation of the arm or limb. In humans, the deltoids are a common target of ...


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The deltoid ligament, also known as the medial collateral ligament complex, is a strong, broad ligament with multifascicular appearance that spans out from the medial malleolus toward the talus, calcaneus, and navicular bones.


The anterior deltoid originates at your clavicle, runs down your shoulder and ends at your humerous, or upper arm bone. The main function of the anterior deltoid is shoulder flexion -- lifting your arm up and to the front of your body.