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corpuscle [kor´pus'l] any small mass or body. adj., adj corpus´cular. blood corpuscle blood cell. colostrum c's large rounded bodies in colostrum, containing droplets of fat and sometimes a nucleus. Krause's corpuscle end-bulb. malpighian corpuscle the funnel-like structure constituting the beginning of the structural unit of the kidney (nephron) and ...


Find out information about Meissner's corpuscle. An ovoid, encapsulated cutaneous sense organ presumed to function in touch sensation in hairless portions of the skin Explanation of Meissner's corpuscle


Translations for corpuscles in the PONS Online English » German Dictionary: corpuscle, red/white corpuscles, red corpuscle, white corpuscle, Meissner's corpuscle, Pacinian corpuscle


Looking for Tactile corpuscles of Wagner and Meissner? Find out information about Tactile corpuscles of Wagner and Meissner. An ovoid, encapsulated cutaneous sense organ presumed to function in touch sensation in hairless portions of the skin Explanation of Tactile corpuscles of Wagner and Meissner


Function of joints: Body movement must occur at joints ... Know about Meissner's corpuscles, Merkel discs, Pacinian corpuscles and where they are found ... The cerebellum and basal nuclei are involved in the start, stop and coordination of motor activity Anatomy Exam2 Study Guide Spr13-8,9,11,13.docx. Anatomy Exam2 Study Guide Spr13-8,9,11 ...


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A subset of these neurons-those with quickly adapting properties, associated with Meissner's corpuscles-are strongly entrained by periodic flutter vibrations, firing with a probability that oscillates at the input frequency. Hence, quickly adapting neurons provide a dynamic representation of such flutter stimuli.


Meissner's plexus A network of nerve fibres, from the PARASYMPATHETIC NERVOUS SYSTEM, lying in the wall of the intestines between the mucous membrane lining and the muscle layer.These fibres control and coordinate the movements and changing contractions of the intestines.


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Meissner's corpuscle Nomen ... In the course of his work, he frequently studies the function of sugars in the immune system, whose protagonists include the T lymphocytes. These cells are a type of white blood corpuscle or leucocyte and play a crucial role in inflammatory processes.