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Considering its importance in this process, the small intestine is a complex structure, with each part devoted to the absorption of a particular nutrient(s). The lacteals are one such important part, though their function is often poorly understood. What do the lacteals absorb? Let's find out.


The synthesis produces tiny droplets of fats that are removed from the villi via exocytosis into the lacteals. Lacteals are a little larger than blood capillaries in diameter and are closed on one end, as described by the University of the Western Cape's Department of Biodiversity and Conservation Biology.


A lacteal is a lymphatic capillary that absorbs dietary fats in the villi of the small intestine. Triglycerides are emulsified by bile and hydrolyzed by the enzyme lipase, resulting in a mixture of fatty acids, di- and monoglycerides. These then pass from the intestinal lumen into the enterocyte, where they are re-esterified to form triglyceride.


Lacteals facilitate the transportation of digested fats from the villi of the small intestines. Lacteal is a lymphatic capillary that absorbs dietary fats in the villi of the small intestines. The lacteals merge to form larger lymphatic vessels that transport chyle to the thoracic duct where it is emptied into the blood stream at the subclavian vein.


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lacteal [lak´tēl] 1. pertaining to milk. 2. any of the intestinal lymphatics that transport chyle. lac·te·al (lak'tē-ăl), Avoid the mispronunciation lacte'al. 1. Relating to or resembling milk; milky. 2. A lymphatic vessel that conveys chyle. Synonym(s): chyle vessel, lacteal vessel lacteal /lac·te·al/ (lak´te-il) any of the intestinal ...


Lacteals are typically found in the villi of the small intestine. A lacteal's purpose is to move chyle, a type of lymph, through the intestines. This can help to keep lymph circulating through the small intestine. Lacteals can also help to transfer nutrients from the small intestine into the blood stream.


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Lacteal, one of the lymphatic vessels that serve the small intestine and, after a meal, become white from the minute fat globules that their lymph contains (see chyle). The lacteals were described as venae albae et lacteae (“white and milky veins”) by their discoverer, Gaspare Aselli, an Italian physician and professor of anatomy and surgery of the late 16th and early 17th centuries.


Lacteal, or digestive absorption has reference to the absorption of chyle only, which is destined for the nutrition of the body.