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We have a free video course with more lessons like this one about Korean words you might have misunderstood. Take the course here: ...


The main problem with trying to use a few French words when you do not speak the language is that, if the person answering thinks that you do speak the language, you will get a rapid fire response ...


The sentence is: Please bring the dog his food. The Subject = implied "you" The Verb = bring The Direct Object = "his food" The Indirect Object = "the dog" But what is "please" in the sentence? It's not a noun or a verb, and I don't think it's an interjection. My classmates think it might be part of an adverbial phrase left over from the old days...


I think that xebonyx may not have noticed tigerduck's mention of teaching Business English in Post #3? If one is speaking with friends or family members on the telephone, then in many cases, "please" may indeed sound excessively formal.


Best Answer: There is no direct translation for the word. The lack of the word is also what explains why Finns sometimes forget to use the words please when speaking English, it's not that they are impolite, they just aren't used to using a special key word when asking for something.


Synonyms for please in Free Thesaurus. Antonyms for please. 45 synonyms for please: delight, entertain, humour, amuse, suit, content, satisfy, charm, cheer, indulge ...


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technological features that create or manipulate communication using a specific communication mode, like visual cues, auditory cues, etc. Examples: screen is visual cue, blue-tooth is auditory cue, microphone is for reproduction and amplification as well as transmission (get point across from him to us), even when he goes outside, still transmits message making it an anomaly because outside is ...


How Norwegians avoid saying "please" Norwegians are neither known for being particularly polite or particularly rude. But it often puzzles newcomers that we never say "please"… or do we? In this blog article you'll learn how to politely and respectfully ask for something in Norwegian. Without saying please… tirsdag, 28. mars 2017


A playful story where, with the use of a single polite word, lines between the real and the imaginary become blurred as toy animals come to life. A companion to Thank You, Mama , Kate Banks and Gabi Swiatkowska's Please, Papa is perfect for a quick and playful lesson in manners.