The formula for computing pro rata coverage is a tool insurance companies use to determine equitable coverage rates. It can also be used to work out equitable payments when more than one insurer provides coverage. More »

A pro-rata calculator determines gross salary after all the taxes and deductions are included. Users can access pro-rata calculators that determine yearly gross earnings and even use it to speculate the earnings of a new... More » Business & Finance Financial Calculations

Calculating a pro rata share simply means dividing a whole into parts according to ownership or use, according to the Legal Information Institute. For example, if Ms. A and Mr. S own 60 and 40 percent of a company, respe... More »

The chemical formula for nitric acid is NHO3. The molecule has a central nitrogen atom that is bonded in a triangular formation to three oxygen atoms. More »

The chemical formula for aluminum sulfide is AI2S3. Aluminum oxide reacts with sodium bicarbonate to create a foam and decomposes at temperatures of between 580-900 degrees C. More »

The molecular formula for aluminum bromide is AlBr3. Aluminum bromide is a light beige crystalline powder with an average mass of 266.693512 Da. It is a stable compound but reacts violently with water and is incompatible... More »

The chemical formula for cyanic acid is CHNO, meaning it contains one atom each of carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen and oxygen. In cyanic acid, the oxygen atom forms a single bond with both the hydrogen and carbon atoms, while... More » Science Chemistry Chemical Equations