According to, a migraine is a headache. Migraines are highly disabling and typically only occur on one side of the head. According to the Mayo Clinic, a headache refers to pain in any area of the head, occ... More »

A symptom is an indication that a person has a disease or ailment, whereas a cause is the set of circumstances that led to the development of that condition, notes Mayo Clinic. For example, trouble walking is a symptom o... More » Health Pain & Symptoms

The biggest differences between Advil Migraine and regular Advil are likely marketing and the look of the pills. Though Advil Migraine claims to specifically treat migraines, both varieties contain the same dosage of ibu... More »

An ocular migraine refers to a migraine headache that is accompanied by visual disturbances, such as blind spots or flashes of light, according to Mayo Clinic. The term may refer to migraines with auras, which doctors do... More » Health Conditions & Diseases

Basilar migraines are caused by a disturbance in the brainstem, explains WebMD, and individuals generally experience other symptoms before the headache itself begins, including dizziness, double vision and slurred speech... More »

Migraine headaches cannot be cured, but patients can take pain-relieving medications and preventative medications to treat the symptoms of a migraine headache, explains Mayo Clinic. Pain medications are used to minimize ... More » Health Conditions & Diseases

The main symptom of a migraine headache is a throbbing pain that is generalized to one side of the head, notes WebMD. In the days leading up to the migraine, sufferers may experience depression or crankiness, restlessnes... More » Health Conditions & Diseases