The foreman is the person who oversees work and ensures that it is done to the plan and guidelines, whereas the supervisor is a middle-line level manager who supervises the team, including the foreman, but has no direct ... More »

The difference between a supervisor and a manager is that a supervisor oversees the subordinate employees' work, while a manager is focused externally on making decisions for their unit. Supervisors focus more internally... More »

Good jobs for insomniacs are those that have a night shift, such as nursing, other medical positions, warehouse work, maintenance, retail, hospitality industry positions, security guard jobs and production supervisor pos... More »

A letter of employee transfer constitutes the name of the person being transferred, the name of the new supervisor, the effective transfer date, and the department to which the person is being transferred. A transfer let... More »

Captain Peacock worked as the floor supervisor of the Grace Brothers department store in the 1970's BBC comedy show, "Are You Being Served?", which ran from 1972 to 1985. Actor Frank Thornton played the character of Capt... More » Business & Finance Careers

The role of an operations manager is to take responsibility for the production of goods or services at a company and to oversee all of the work performed in the production of those goods or services. Operations managers ... More »

According to the Los Angeles Community College District, a general foreman is a person who manages the day-to-day activities of a construction site, ensures on-time completion of a project and supervises construction wor... More »