The main difference between a canal and a river is that a river is a natural flow of water while a canal is man-made. A river by definition flows from inland into the sea while a canal is most often constructed to connec... More »

Extractions and root canals are separate dental procedures, one of which is usually done to save an infected tooth and the other to remove it. Extraction refers to the total removal of a tooth, usually due to injury or i... More » Health Dental

According to, mature rivers are bodies of water that flow over wider valleys and snake along flat plains. The meandering streams then create larger loops that develop into oxbow lakes. More »

The Nile River, one of the longest river systems in the world, begins with six cataracts that flow into a narrow valley-river section, then spreads out into the marshy Nile Delta near the Mediterranean Sea. Up to 90 perc... More »

A river is characterized by continuously flowing water from an upland source into lakes, wetlands or the sea. Rivers are fed by tributary streams or springs, and they include a river channel, shoreline and a floodplain. More »

The Nile River is important because it provides Egypt with irrigation, hydroelectric power, a steady water supply and rich soil. It was the lifeblood of ancient Egyptian transport, commerce and agriculture, and remains c... More »

The two bodies of water connected by the Suez Canal are the Mediterranean Sea and the Red Sea. The Suez Canal is located through a narrow strip of land in the north of Egypt. More »