Shale is a sedimentary rock while slate is a metamorphic rock formed from shale. Slate is much more durable than shale due to the metamorphic process it undergoes. More »

Shale, marble, mudstone, slate and well-packed sandstone are all examples of impermeable rocks, which means that water cannot easily pass through them. A large number of metamorphic and igneous rocks are impermeable, as ... More »

Hornfels is a metamorphic rock formed when any clay-rich rock such as mudstone or shale comes into contact with a hot igneous body. Hornfels is the name given to the heat-altered version of the original rock and may orig... More »

Mt Everest is made up of a variety of different rocks including sandstone, siltstone, sedimentary rock, granite and metamorphic rock. The mountain is comprised of three different formations, which make up the geology of ... More »

A metamorphic rock that's formed from shale is slate. Slate is a low-grade rock that's used as a building material. It is often used for roofing tile because of the ease with which it can be split into thin sheets. If sl... More »

Shale is a sedimentary type of rock. Sedimentary rock is formed when tiny particles of sand, pebbles or other fragments of material gather in layers, hardening over time. More » Science Earth Science Geology

Shale forms from the pressure of layers of sediment compressing bits of silt that settle into the clay on the bottom of bodies of water. The compressed clay and silt become shale over time. Shale is a sedimentary rock. More »