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Before I was involved in the $120 Billion precious metals industry, I, like most people, probably did not fully understand what is the difference between currency and money. I have come to realise now, that understanding the difference between currency and money is the key that can unlock the door to your future wealth.


The difference between money and currency. Such is the basic difference between money and currency. While money stores intrinsic value within itself, fiat currency possesses buying power bestowed upon it by the government. But this was not always the case.


Currency is a tangible concept that is based on the intangible money. Currency is the promissory note or coin that is presented in form of money. Currency is what brings money to life. Money and currency are two words that are used every day and are often confused as being the same thing. They are used interchangeably in many scenarios.


When we talk about finances, the 3 most commonly misunderstood words are; Money, Currency and Wealth. Most people seem to think that the paper notes they carry around in their wallet or purse are real money. It certainly is not! This is what is kn...


Gold Silver explains that the most significant difference between money and currency is that currency does not have consistent value. Currency is used as a physical representation of value that changes over time and varies from one country to the next.


Money vs Currency Money and currency are two terms that are so closely related to one another that there almost seems to be no difference between the two. Many have confused the fact that money and currency refer to the same thing, and are, therefore, used interchangeably in many contexts. There are, however, a […]


Understanding the difference between currency and money is critical to making smart decisions about preserving your wealth. Currency. For the majority of people, currency – more specifically fiat currency – is “cold hard cash.” They are the dollars, pesos, or yen you keep in your wallet or purse.


The bills and coins that you carry with you aren't technically money, but currency. Most likely, they're a type of fiat currency, or currency that has no intrinsic value. In the past, rare metals such as gold and silver were considered to be money, but today's money is far more intangible and is defined by the functions it fulfills. Learn more about the complexities of money with these...


Money vs Currency – Key Differences. The key differences between Money vs Currency are as follows – The major difference between Money vs Currency is that money is entirely numerical i.e. it’s only intangible which one cannot touch or smell whereas currency can be touch and smell and its tangible.


ANSWER: “Currency” is an official monetary instrument used in commerce. Currency must be “legal tender,” which means the government will accept it in payment for taxes. “Money” is a much more questionable element for it is different things to different people. The goldbugs would kill ...