A microfiche is a single sheet of plastic that contains several images of pages of text, whereas microfilm is a long spool of plastic film that winds and rewinds to view images of text. In both instances, these microform... More »

A trimmer cap is a piece of plastic that fits onto a grass trimmer to protect the trimmer's spool line. These caps usually come provided with the grass trimmer, but can also be purchased separately as replacement items. More »

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As of July 2015, users can locate Pennsylvania white pages for free by navigating to WhitePages.com and clicking on White Pages by State. After Pennsylvania is selected, users can narrow down the search with a provided l... More »

DexPages is an online yellow and white pages service that allows users to search phone numbers for businesses or individuals. It replaces cumbersome phone books and allows for quick and easy access to contact information... More »

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People in residential areas are not listed in the Yellow Pages, but they are listed in the white pages of a telephone book. The Yellow Pages are reserved for businesses and corporations only. More »

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To locate a person’s place of employment, check his social media pages, look up government regulatory websites, check his credit report, contact references and use an online search service. Ensure that the other persons'... More »

The AnyWho directory is different from other white pages sites because of its weekly updates. AnyWho also offers a yellow pages directory to find businesses, with links to maps and basic details. More »

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