According to BBC, an endoskeleton is a bone structure located in the interior of an animal, and an exoskeleton is a bone structure located on the exterior of an animal. Each type of skeleton has unique advantages and dis... More »

A spinal structure is a series of vertebrae that consists of oval-shaped bones that are attached to the bone structure. It is a T-shaped network of bones and is responsible for the upright posture of human beings. A spin... More » Science Human Anatomy Bones

An endoskeleton is the skeletal structure possessed by all human beings and by many animals; it is composed of a support scaffold made of mineralized tissue forming either bone or cartilage. All vertebrates possess these... More »

According to the BBC, there are numerous advantages to having an endoskeleton rather than an exoskeleton, including a sturdy framework for the body and the potential for continued growth. Exoskeletons do not grow with th... More »

An animal with vertebrae made from either cartilage or bone is a vertebrate. Vertebrates can be mammals, fish, birds, reptiles or amphibians. More »

According to the University of Leeds Histology Guide, the connective tissue known as cartilage is made up of 75 percent water, as compared to 25 percent for bone. Cartilage is more flexible than bone and is avascular, wh... More »

According to the University of Michigan, the differences between compact and cancellous bones are structure and location. Compact bone is denser than cancellous bone, found along the shafts of bones and covering cancello... More »