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I have noticed that more and more posts are including the words strong and weak when describing how a certain person is handling their PTSD. There seems to be an emphasis on weakness or 'not having strength'. I have to admit there was a time in my healing process when I thought I was weak and was...


3rd d) Third Definition: "What all the gods love is pious and holy, and the opposite which Def'n: they all hate, impious" (p. 13). Question: Is the pious beloved by the gods because it is pious, or is the pious truly pious because it is beloved of the gods?


So Patanjali's definition of meditation is defined as the process of dropping all thought constructs, objectifications, beliefs, as well as techniques unless we define this cessation/dropping of techniques as a technique itself. So then in the end this is the last technique to drop, before samadhi self arises.


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