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The closest dormant volcano to Denver is Dotsero Volcano, located approximately 2 hours from Denver in Eagle County. It is the only volcano in Colorado that has erupted in the past 10,000 years. Dotsero Volcano last erupted around 2200 B.C.


Colorado / Volcanoes / Denver What is the closest volcano to Denver Colorado? The two distinct mesas 10 miles west of Denver at the foothills of the Rockies are remnants of a lava flow.


Technically, the Dotsero volcano in western Colorado is active -- but don't expect to dodge magma on I-70 anytime soon (unless an asteroid hits Colorado -- then you have other problems).


The Denver Volcano is extinct and does not lie in a volcanically or tectonically active region. However it sets near the Rio Grande Rift, which is the dominant earthquake region in Colorado (Eq. Po. iii), and "the deadliest (volcanoes) have been labeled extinct" (Nature’s Inferno).


Volcanoes in areas with more porous soil allow for the steady release of magma and are less likely to have severe explosions. Magma comes from rocks melted by the heat of the Earth's core. ... What Is the Closest Volcano to Denver, Colorado? Related Search. Why Are There Volcanoes? 10 most dangerous active volcanoes why does a volcano erupt why ...


Located at the junctions of the Colorado and Eagle rivers, the Dotsero volcano is a 2,300-foot wide, 1,300-foot deep volcano that first erupted 4,200 years ago. Made up mostly of small scoria cones, Dotsero is hiding a collection of wood pieces which helped to date the volcano’s last explosion.


The volcano closest to Tallahassee, Florida, is the legendary Wakulla Volcano, located in the Wacissa Swamp, about 25 miles (40 kilometers) to the southeast. Reports of volcanic activity -- thought in actuality to derive from peat fires -- ceased after the 1886 earthquake in Charleston, South Caroli … na.


Volcanoes of Colorado, USA - information / VolcanoDiscovery / VolcanoDiscovery. Dotsero (maar) The small Dotsero maar in NW Colorado, 2 km NE of the small town Dotsero, near the junction of the Colorado and Eagle Rivers west of the Gore Range, is the only volcano in Colorado that has had activity in the past 10,000 years.


Colorado’s most famous volcanoes erupted about 35 million years ago, destroying nearly all life in the region and producing two gigantic Pompeii-like deposits. At Florissant, about 60 miles west of Colorado Springs, ash eruptions and ash avalanches dammed a nearby river.


Here are 10 mountain things to do in Denver’s closest mountain town. 1. Drive or Bike Up the Lariat Loop Trail. From downtown Golden to the top of Lookout Mountain is pure Colorado and boasts majestic views that stretch from Wyoming to New Mexico.