Because tea is a mixture of different compounds, rather than a pure compound itself, the full chemical breakdown of tea isn't predictable. There is no one chemical formula to describe all teas. Instead, there are thousan... More »

The standard chemical formula for petrol is CnH2n+2. This formula refers to alkanes, and the chemical formula for petrol can be altered when it consists of different gases. More »

The chemical formula of brine solution is Na+ (aq) Cl (aq). This aqueous solution of common salt is mainly used as a preservative. It is called sodium chloride solution in the chemistry laboratory. More »

Ammonium phosphide is a basic compound whose chemical formula is (NH4)3P. It has a molar mass of 85.09 grams per mole. Ammonium phosphide is a base used for various purposes including manufacture of fertilizers. More »

The Royal Society of Chemistry states that iron(III) bromide, also recognized as ferric bromide, is a red-brown chemical compound that is odorless, and its chemical formula is FeBr3. When mixed with water, this compound ... More » Science Chemistry

To convert moles of a chemical substance to formula units, first convert moles into grams by using the molar masses of the elements that form the chemical compound. Every element in a chemical substance has its own molar... More »

Dehydration synthesis is the formation of a new compound by the removal of oxygen and hydrogen from reactants, while hydrolysis is the breakdown of a compound through a chemical reaction with water. These opposite proces... More »