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Other causes include increased red blood cell production secondary to acute blood loss or the side-effects of medications such as those used to treat cancer. According to the American Society of Hematology, red blood cells are the largest component of human blood, making up 40 to 45 percent of its volume.


Increased red blood cell production by the bone marrow to correct anemia, for example, after blood loss; An underlying bone marrow cancer called myelodysplastic syndrome; If you have macrocytosis, blood tests can help determine its cause.


Macrocytosis is the term for enlarged red blood cells. These blood cells, also known as erythrocytes, may be larger than normal for various reasons that affect its development. Therefore further investigations are necessary to identify the cause, as some of these causative factors can be very serious in nature.


The underlying cause of larger blood cells is vitamin B-12 or folate deficiency. The vitamin B12 deficiency anaemia happens when there is a scarcity of that vitamin or folate and this causes the body to produce strangely large red blood cells which cannot function fittingly. These are one of the health problems caused due to large red blood cells.


Answer. There are multiple causes of enlarged red blood cells, which is termed macrocytosis, and most of them are easily corrected. Two of the most common causes are deficiencies in vitamin B12 and folic acid, which are frequently associated with anemia, as well.


what is the cause of enlarged red blood cells - The most common of enlarged red blood cells is Macrocytosis, it isn't a specific disease but may tell you that you have an underlying problem. The common cause of macrocytosis include: You more than likely have one of the following, would need you to list your


Causes. A finding of large red blood cells and normal vitamin B-12 levels points to several possibilities. Alcoholism may create large red blood cells. Low folate levels and some drugs such as methotrexate, used to treat some cancers or rheumatic or immune conditions, interfere with folate metabolism and may cause the condition. ...


Answer (1 of 2): Enlarged red blood cells should not cause any health symptoms or problems. The reason that the red blood cells grow large is normally because of a deficiency in folic acid or vitamin B12. The body responds by producing the large red blood cells. Most people will have a diet that is mixed enough to prevent this from occurring, so the more likely reason for the enlarged red ...


This again showed enlarged red blood cells (the size was 102) and nucleated red blood cells. I had a quick google, as you do, and was left with the impression that the nRBCs meant that I had a serious disease of some kind. The doctor (a different one) again talked about alcohol consumption and checked it again during another consultation.


The size of the red blood cells means there are fewer of them to help the body function. In this article, learn about the causes of macrocytic anemia, including folate and B-12 deficiencies, as ...