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The best golf ball for senior golfers varies based on the skill level of the senior and what he desires in a golf ball. A premium golf ball, such as the Pro V1, is a high-quality ball, but it requires a high swing speed. A senior with a mid to high handicap should look for a low-compression ball with a cover made of Ionomer, Surlyn or Trionomer.


The thing is, while most golf balls on this list have features suited for seniors, the MG Golf Balls Senior are explicitly made for seniors. If you have lower swing speed and seek to gain range in your game, these golf balls might help you. They are, however, well balanced. While the balls emphasize distance, they are still good for putting.


In this article we're going to be taking a look at the 3 BEST golf balls to help senior golf players make the most out of their game. We want to help you find the BEST golf ball to exceed your needs as a senior player. We're going to be taking an informative look at the golf balls we've selected for you today...


The best golf balls for beginners and seniors give you just that crucial little tweak that your practice might have missed. We ask a lot out of the best golf balls for beginners and seniors. Not only can the beginners benefit from this ball, they can transition to better players without changing their golf ball.


Another equipment is the senior golf club. These senior golf balls are a great piece of equipment to have if you wish to continue golfing for as long as possible. And if you are in the market for these golf balls, then you have come to the right place, as we will be looking at five of the best golf balls available for senior golfers.


Choosing the best golf balls for seniors requires a different approach due to the different characteristics of senior players. Golf is one of the most practiced sport activities by senior citizens, for good reason, however the way you play golf as you get older might be very different then how you used to play in your younger days.


The best golf ball for your game will give you longer, more accurate drives, more precise wedges, and great putting feedback. Understanding the different playing categories, spin rates, and compression factors between golf ball models can help you choose the right ball for your game.


While choosing from the best golf balls for seniors, it is pivotal to find one that is light enough to go the distance. Again, like with the case of selecting a ball for the average golf players, it is important to also keep in mind the skill level of the senior golf player while picking the ball.


Difference Between Senior And Regular Golf Balls. Senior golfers on average have a lower club head speed than their younger counterparts. This obvious, isn’t always true, but with this in mind the best golf ball for senior golfers are those that react best to a slightly lower swing speed.


The Best Golf Balls for Seniors. Seniors will need different golfing equipment from those younger than them for a few reasons. Their distance may not be as good, because their swing may be slower and weaker. They may also have a bit more trouble hitting a ball straight, so they may need something that is designed to control well and correct ...