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Hoping to bring a dog into your home? Some dog breeds are easier to own than others, especially for novice dog parents. To find the easiest dog breeds to own, we took a look at a variety of ...


What Is the Best Dog to Own? The best breed of dog to own is a mutt, according to Business Insider. Mutts combine the best qualities of all the breeds in their lineage and are often the best behaved and most lovable pets to own. Labrador Retrievers are another great breed of dog. They come in a variety of colors, ranging from yellow to black.


A dog is the best dog if it's the right one for you. When choosing a dog, select one that best fits your personality and lifestyle. According to the American Kennel Association (AKC), certain breeds are more popular than others based on annual registration statistics. In 2009 the AKC reported that ...


We went to the veterinary community to get their take on which dogs, both breeds and designer mixes, are the best choices for first-time dog owners. The following constitutes answers from 218 veterinary professionals who were given a list of the most popular dog breeds and mixes.


What are the best dog breeds to own? Breed all about it! The discussion about what are the best dog breeds to own brings up a wide variety of views. Almost everyone has an opinion, and of course as a dog behaviorist I always find it fascinating to hear about everyone’s different experiences with the various dog breeds.


Top 20 Best Dog Breeds to Own for 2019. ... So what’s the best breed to own? Here is a list of some of the best dog breeds to own for 2019. 20 The Bulldog (American & English) Generally, Bulldogs are known for getting along well with children, other dogs, and pets. They can become so attached to home and family, that they will not venture out ...


This good-natured dog is undeniably one of the best dogs to own. Labrador Retrievers are not only popular for their hunting and search-and-retrieval capabilities, but for the great companionship they offer as well. Their easy trainability and superior intellectual capacity make them fast trick learners and performers.


If you are contemplating the idea of keeping a dog as pet, there are certain things that you need to take into consideration ... not just about the dog, but also about your lifestyle. In this article, we put forth a list of the best dogs to own if you live in an apartment and have children.


Best and Worst Dog Breeds for People With Allergies. ... Regardless of the type of dog, it is best to refrain from letting the dog lick you if you’re allergic. ... a Boston terrier’s own ...


The Top 10 Best Dogs to Own as a Family Pet. There is a continuous debate on which dog breeds are the best. From small to big, loyal to exciting, smart or simple, different dogs offer an infinite amount of possibilities to love. I have compiled a list of the top ten family dogs to own based on a variety of important qualities.