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If you like your apples to be cross between sweet and tart, these apples are for you. The heirloom variety Gravenstein might just be the best apple for making applesauce, but their short season and dwindling orchards make them more difficult to find.


Applesauce. The only food that comes out of a baby food jar that we still eat as adults, unless you secretly eat Gerber Chicken & Gravy when no one is looking (don’t worry your secret is safe with me!). The key to creating great applesauce is knowing what apples make the best sauce.


Apple pie is an all-American favorite and should be in every cook's repertoire, but if you've never made an apple pie before or were not totally satisfied with your results, perhaps you need to brush up on the best apples to use for pie and which kind of pie--tart, sweet, or sweet and tart--needs which kind of apple. Firm, dry apples usually work best in a pie because they soften up but do...


Since you’ll be cooking your apples down, your best apple picks for applesauce are softer varieties like Golden Delicious and Fuji. McIntosh has a tender flesh that easily breaks down when cooked, making it a great choice for sauce. Leave the skin on when you make applesauce for an extra vitamin boost.


Best Apples for Apple Pie & Crisp. Many of us cook apples to use in a pie or crisp. For these baked goods, you need to use “firm” apples. Even better, use more than one firm apple variety to give the dish different textures and tastes. We recommend using both 1) a firm “sweet” apple plus 2) a firm “tart” apple for depth of flavor.


What are the best apples for applesauce? If you start researching which apples are the best to use in applesauce, you will encounter a million different answers. Each apple variety has a different taste, texture, response to heat, color, etc. Depending on your own personal preference will likely determine which apples you prefer.


Excellent recipe!!! I think the type of apple you use will determine how much sugar you need. I doubled the apples and per the recommendation of the local produce manager, I used 3 empire and 5 ...


Apples are naturally sweet, so it makes perfect sense to omit the extra sugar when making applesauce. Whether you’re eating it plain or stirring it into recipes (muffins, pancakes, cakes, etc), making unsweetened applesauce is a simple way to get the vitamins and nutrients of apples into your diet.


Best for eating and makes a naturally sweet, smooth applesauce and it is good in salads and pies. A cross between a Golden Delicious and a Lady William. Late season Red Delicious . WAS the most popular apple variety in the world! for December ades (now being replaced by Fuji and Gala) Best for: eating, salad, very good as a base apple for ...


What is the best apple for applesauce? Sweet apples are best: red or golden Delicious, Pink Lady, Fuji, and so on. A combination of apple types is good to use and gives more complexity to the ...