A regulation National Basketball Association or college basketball court is 94 feet by 50 feet while high school courts are typically 84 feet long. Courts at different levels are not only different sizes, but have differ... More »

According to the National Basketball Association, basketball courts should be rectangular shapes that are 94 feet long and 50 feet wide, with inner dimensions including a 23 foot, 9-inch semicircular three-point arc at e... More »

The regulation height of basketball hoops at the high school, college and professional levels is 10 feet from the top of the rim to the playing surface below. Rims are 18 inches in diameter, and centrally placed below a ... More »

A National Basketball Association regulation backboard measures 72 inches horizontally and 42 inches vertically. Official NBA rules also stipulate that the backboard must be flat and transparent. More »

The two tallest players to ever play in the National Basketball Association were Gheorghe Muresan and Manute Bol, who were both officially listed at 7 feet 7 inches tall. However, according to some, the tallest basketbal... More »

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The official ball size for the National Basketball Association and most other professional adult men's associations is a circumference of 29.5 to 30 inches and weighs 18 and 20 ounces. Official balls for the Women's Nati... More »

An official National Basketball Association or National Collegiate Athletic Association basketball court measures 94 feet by 50 feet and has an area of 4,700 square feet. The NBA and the NCAA use the largest officially s... More »