An ICA file is short for Independent Computing Architecture file and is an extension for files used by the application services under the Citrix brand. ICA files store configuration information that stores data linking s... More » Technology Computer Programming

Arizona's Department of Labor resolves wage disputes, enforces youth employment laws, investigates private employment agencies and oversees the state's minimum wage laws, according to the Industrial Commission of Arizona... More » Government & Politics Law

The MSO file extension primarily refers to files created with Microsoft Office 2000, and more specifically to files created with Word 2000. When an HTML message is sent from Microsoft Outlook along with an Office 2000 at... More »

The DASH file extension may differ from other copy programs in the way that it stores video content but not audio content; it is generally unable to be converted from DASH and is meant for watching and not downloading. D... More » Technology Computer Programming

To open an SCR file, the computer must have software capable of viewing a file with an SCR extension; if so, double click the file and allow Windows to locate the appropriate software to open the file. If the computer is... More » Technology Computer Programming

Password locking folders blocks unauthorized access to files, restricts file modification access, prevents data loss and maintains secrecy. Some tools to password lock folders hide encrypted folders from view, preventing... More » Technology Computer Programming

Data processing operations include addition of records from one table or file to another, importation or exportation of files such as spreadsheets and text files, and updating fields of all records or a subset of records... More »