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Easy 3 ingredient old fashioned potato candy (no bake) is such a delicious and addictive treat - perfect for peanut butter lovers and neighbor gifts!


This potato candy is made from mashed potatoes with a layer of peanut butter rolled into the middle. It is super easy to make and uses every day ingredients.


A 5-star recipe for Easy Potato Candy made with potato, confectioner's sugar, vanilla extract, peanut


I tried 2 times to print the recipe for Old Fashion Potato Candy all I got was the ingredients list on the bottom of a page and about 30 pages of comments dating all the way back to 2014 ,can you help me , my sister (deceased) use to make this all the time I never had the recipe and was so excited to find yours it sounded easy & simple.


I’ve also seen folks roll out little balls of potato candy and dip them into melted chocolate to serve as a sort of poor man’s bon bon. Either way is delicious. Now if you’re thinking potato candy sounds weird, I can see where you’re coming from so I’m gonna let you know what to expect : Old Fashioned Candy Heaven.


This old-school candy reminds us of divinity and other traditional homemade Southern sweets. The recipe is a testament to the genius of thrifty cooks who based the confection on leftover mashed potatoes.


This no-bake recipe for Irish potato candy is flavored with coconut, cream cheese, sugar, butter, and a dash of cinnamon. They're easy to make and perfect for celebrating St. Patrick's Day!


Old-Fashioned Potato Candy is not only a delicious holiday candy to eat, it’s super fun and easy to make and you only need 3 ingredients. It’s also no-bake. What’s not to love? And yes, it really does have potato in it. A potato, powdered sugar, and peanut butter are all you need. It’s kind ...


More wonderful Candy Recipes.. Potato Candy History: It is difficult to find written documentation or early cookbooks on the history of potato candy. Most people that remember this candy as a child recall the recipe being passed down from Grandparents and Great Grandparents of German or Irish descent.


The potatoes in this recipe provide starch and don't add flavor. You won't even know there are potatoes in it. You will only taste a sweet confection. When adding the confectioners' sugar and peanut butter, be aware that the amounts are approximate. You may add more or less, depending on your tastes.