Essentially, an aside is something said by character for the audience's benefit, but it is not meant to be heard by the other characters. Asides are usually a character speaking to themselves, though sometimes characters... More »

Some characters in Shakespeare's play "The Tempest" are Prospero, Miranda, Ariel, Caliban and Ferdinand. Others are Alonso, Antonio, Sebastian, Gonzalo and Boatswain. Trinculo and Stephano are two minor characters in the... More » Art & Literature Literature Plays

Any moment in the play "Macbeth" when the audience is privy to more pertinent information than one or more characters onstage is an instance of dramatic irony. An example is when King Duncan exhibits a positive outlook u... More »

A play within a play is a dramatic plot device or extended metaphor where characters narrate one story while still part of another. Playwrights use such juxtaposition of nested plays to give a performance of self-reflect... More »

The main characters in the 1960 play "The Trials of Brother Jero" are Jeroboam, the Old Prophet, Chume and Chume's wife Amope. Secondary characters in the play include the boy drummer, the fish-seller, the politician and... More »

Boys played the female roles in Shakespeare's plays when the plays were first produced because women did not perform in the theater during that era. Acting was not considered a reputable profession, and women typically s... More »

Shakespeare's first play was most likely Henry VI Part I, which was first performed between 1590 and 1591 and printed in 1594. Because no recorded dates exist for first performances of any of Shakespeare's plays, scholar... More »