Named for the round, apple shape of its head, an applehead Siamese cat is a traditional Siamese, brought to the West from Siam in the 14th century. The applehead has a long, full body and brilliant, almond-shaped blue ey... More » Pets & Animals Pets Cats

There are three types of Siamese cats. There is the Applehead or Traditonal Siamese, the Old Style or Classic Siamese, and the Modern, Wedgehead or Extreme Siamese. Physical characteristics distinguish each category of c... More »

A Siamese cat eats a diet that is no different than any other cat. Although these felines can eat table food, it is recommended that they be given high-quality nutrition to maintain their well-toned body structure. A goo... More »

Siamese cats are playful, active cats who bond strongly to their families and, unlike other cats, tend to be more active during the day than at night. The Siamese cat's intelligence makes it highly trainable and good at ... More »

Siamese cats are known for their streamlined, slender bodies, large ears and striking blue eyes. The coat of the Siamese cat is very fine and has four main colors: chocolate, lilac, blue and seal. Another identifying fea... More »

Siamese cat names can describe the cat based on its coloring, such as Opal or Koko. Other suggestions are Sparkle, Tabasco, Lavender or Jasmine. Names based on the cat's idiosyncrasies are King, for a male cat, or Prince... More » Pets & Animals Pets Cats

The snowshoe is a breed of cat developed from the Siamese and the American shorthair. A snowshoe cat has the basic Siamese point color pattern, embellished with four white feet and a white V marking on the face. The Inte... More » Pets & Animals Pets Cats