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To make Amish fried pies, fill individual pieces of pie crust with fruit filling, fold the crust, seal it shut, and deep-fry the pies in 2 inches of melted shortening for two minutes per side. Dust the top of the fried pies with powdered sugar or a glaze, if desired.


To make a traditional grape pie filling, use only grapes, sugar and a thickener. Tapioca works well with as a thickener, but some cooks prefer to thicken with cornstarch or flour. Any variety of grape can be used, but Concords are preferred.


Amish365.com offers a recipe for Amish butterscotch pie that calls for eggs, brown sugar, flour, milk, butter and vanilla extract. The recipe involves making a filling, pouring the filling into a prepared pie shell, baking the pie and topping it with whipped cream.


Lancaster County, the birthplace of the Whoopie pie, offers a simple and easy-to-follow recipe to make these delicious Amish treats in your own home. The recipe requires first making the cookies and then the filling.


An easy recipe for fried apple pie is Instructables' 5-Minute Pie, using pre-made pie crust and apple pie filling. The apple pie filling can also be swapped out for any other type of fruit filling.


Amish canning recipes include cucumber pickles and pickled green beans. To make the cucumber pickles, peel 24 cucumbers, then thinly slice them. Mix both the cucumber slices and skins with 4 cups of sliced onions, and cover them with 1 cup of salt.


Some traditional Amish recipes are chicken baked in cream, potato salad and seven-minute cabbage. CountryFarm-Lifestyles.com offers several Amish recipes. MrFood.com also offers recipes for Amish cooking.