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Within 10 minutes after exercise, the heart should be at its normal, resting rate. According to WebMD, the heart slows down by 12 beats per minute or more each minute, which translates into a drop of at least 120 beats per minute in the first 10 minutes after exercise.


Helpful, trusted answers from doctors: Dr. Norris on what is an acceptable recovery heart rate level 10 minutes after exercising: Ten minutes after exercise the heart rate should be near to resting.


1.What is an acceptable recovery heart rate level five minutes after exercising?IF 16 2.What is an acceptable recovery heart rate level 10 minutes after exercising? 3.What should you do in regard to the intensity of your workout if your post-exercise heart rate is above either the five- or 10-minute levels?


The heart rate two minutes after exercise is often referred to as the recovery heart rate. This is the most common measurement in determining cardiovascular fitness. To test for improvements, record the highest working heart rate during exercise, then record recovery heart rate at the two-minute mark.


Faster heart rate recovery times after a workout indicate you are healthy and fit. You are fully recovered when your heart rate returns to its pre-exercise heart rate, but how quickly your heart rate falls in the first minute after you stop exercising is by far the most important post-workout heart rate measurement.


You have a good post-exercise heart rate if your recovery rate number, which measures your fitness, is between three and four, according to the Federal Aviation Administration’s “Exercise Exercise Exercise” report. Your recovery rate number is your exercise heart rate minus your recovery heart rate one minute after exercise divided by 10.


Recovery heart rate or R.H.R helps determine overall condition of someones cardiovascular system and its heart function. It is measured at rest, after the activity that has increased heart rate, has ended. It also helps determine persons real age. HOW TO DETERMINE YOUR RECOVERY HEART RATE


Answer (1 of 2): The normal heart beat of a neonate is 130, older child 100 and adult 60-101. The acceptable recovery time after an exercise can be calculated after knowing the maximum heart rate after exercise. This is calculated by the formula ; HRmax = 220-ageIt means if your age is 40 years then your heartbeat should be 180.  There are some more reliable formulas.


Recovery Heart Rate. Your heart will recover quicker as you become fitter. A recovery heart rate of 25 to 30 beats in one minute is a good score, and 50 to 60 beats in one minute is considered excellent. You should monitor your one-minute and two-minute recovery heart rate at least twice weekly to gauge whether your fitness level is improving.


Your heart rate immediately after stopping; Your heart rate two minutes later; Step 3: Calculate your heart rate recovery Subtract your two-minute heart rate from the heart rate you took immediately after exercising. The faster your heart rate recovers—or slows down—the fitter and healthier your heart. If the difference between the two ...