A windowsill is the lowest horizontal structural piece at the bottom of a window. Interior sills are flat and are made from materials such as wood, vinyl, concrete or glass. Many exterior sills are slanted slightly so th... More »

Mold growth on windowsills is a common challenge because the area is an ideal meeting place for moisture and organic food sources, which combine to create mold. To prevent mold on windowsills, the food sources and the mo... More »

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Getting rid of mold on a windowsill is a relatively simple process that you can complete in varying amounts of time depending on the size of the surface. To complete the process, you need gloves, a tarp, a dust mask, san... More »

Because replacing only the windowsill itself also involves taking out the entire window from the window frame, it is easier to replace the whole window altogether with a vinyl replacement window. Before deciding to embar... More »

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Window screens pop out of a window frame with a small amount of pressure applied from the inside of the home; screen doors may be held in place with screws at the top and bottom of the frame that need removing. It is als... More »

To remove moisture between window panes, either replace the existing window or drill two small holes at the top and bottom corner of the affected window frame and install special one-way valves. Double-pane windows consi... More »

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Install aluminum window screens from inside the home by opening the window fully, placing the top of the screen in the top screen channel, pulling up on the tabs and lowering the bottom of the screen into the lower chann... More »