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The Welsh Pony and Cob is a group of four closely-related horse breeds including both pony and cob types, which originated in Wales in the United Kingdom. The four sections within the breed society for the Welsh breeds are primarily distinguished by height, and also by variations in type: the smallest Welsh Mountain Pony (Section A); ...


The Welsh mountain pony originated in the mountains of Wales. The pony is known for having above average intelligence, a positive attitude, sturdy limbs and an excitable gait. The Welsh mountain pony is part of the Welsh Pony and Cob Society, which also includes the Welsh pony, Welsh cob and Welsh pony of cob.


He is a pony for people of all ages and these pages are for all Welsh Mountain Pony enthusiasts to contribute to and enjoy. We are home to the Welsh Mountain Pony Promotions pages where ponies can be found for sale and a marketing program for breeders.


The Welsh pony and cob—also known as the Welsh Mountain Pony—are the products of a storied history, having faced down challenges from both humans and Mother Nature, resulting in a group of tough, adaptable horses whose flashy style and elegant looks make them very popular choices for the show ring.


The Welsh Mountain Pony originated in Wales, United Kingdom, and is the smallest of the Welsh breeds. These are small but extremely sturdy ponies that are known for their good looks and muscular built. They are not only used for riding in several disciplines, including show disciplines under saddle and in harness, but


Welsh pony (Section C) and Welsh Cob (Section D), from Wales. Galloway pony, from Scotland and northern England. Extinct: perhaps absorbed into the Highland and Fell. Showing mountain and moorland ponies Turnout. Mountain and moorland ponies are shown in their "native" state, and are not trimmed or plaited (braided). In reality a little light ...


Welsh pony: Welsh pony, breed of small horse popular as a child’s or an adult’s mount. A hardy breed that developed in the Welsh mountains, the Welsh pony was originally used in coal mines. A saddle type was developed by introducing Thoroughbred and Arabian blood. Welsh ponies are about 12 hands (48 inches, or


Section A, the Welsh Mountain Pony, will have a high level of intelligence, as well as a temperament that makes these ponies ideal for children. These ponies will also make good harness horses. The Welsh Pony of Section B has all of the same wonderful attributes that are associated with the Welsh Mountain Pony.


The Welsh Pony designates a group of four related types of pony and horse native to Wales: the Welsh mountain pony, the Welsh pony, the Welsh pony of cob type, and the Welsh Cob. Welsh ponies and cobs are suitable mounts for both children and adults. The modern Welsh Pony is known as a riding and driving pony.


Welsh Mountain Pony Promotions is dedicated to helping match the right pony with the right owner. To this end we have developed a mentor list. Click on the mentor tab to find the list. This is a group of people willing to help you learn more about Welsh Mountain Ponies and to make an informed decision on purchasing your first Welsh Mountain Pony.