A telescopic steering column is a part which allows adjustments to the steering wheel to tilt towards or away from the driver for personal comfort and ease of use. This allows the driver to experience less discomfort whi... More »

To replace a steering column, unscrew and remove the old steering column from the dashboard, slide the new column into the space of the old one, secure it onto the dashboard with bolts, reattach the wires and cables, and... More »

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Shoppers can find cheap steering columns by comparing prices for the part on the websites of discount auto part dealers; they can also find good prices by searching the steering column inventory at junkyards. Consumers c... More »

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To remove a car dashboard, first take out the seating compartment trim panels, steering wheel, center console and the instrument cluster located over the steering column. Undo all the electrical connections beneath the d... More »

To troubleshoot an ignition switch in a vehicle, first open the fuse panel under the steering wheel column, and find and remove the fuse for the ignition starter by using the diagram on the fuse panel cover. Use the fuse... More »

To start a car with a flathead screwdriver, run a wire between the positive battery terminal and the coil wire, insert the screwdriver between the steering wheel and the column, push past the locking pin, and lay the scr... More »

Rack-and-pinion steering translates the rotational motion of the steering wheel into linear motion by using a round pinion gear at the end of the steering column and a toothed rack that connects to the tie rods to move t... More »