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A sweatshirt with a shark mouth on it is a gag shirt or a fun, graphic sweatshirt. The sweatshirt can be found at Green Hill Clothing Company or at other hip retailers online.


One way to make a sweatshirt is to buy the appropriate material and follow a pattern. Alternatively, it's possible to take an old sweatshirt and update it into a new design.


To cut the neck off a sweatshirt, you simply need to cut along the ribbing and plan your new style. There is no need to sew the new edge if you don't want to, because it is no likely to fray.


To turn a sweatshirt into a jacket, first cut a straight line up the center front from hem to neckline. Add a thin lining to the bodice of the sweatshirt. Sew a zipper onto the raw edges of the sweatshirt to complete the transformation.


According to Real Simple Magazine, fleece sweatshirts require extra care in the laundry to keep them soft and to avoid pills and static. Properly washing sweatshirts requires a washing machine and a gentle laundry detergent.


To shrink a sweatshirt, wash it with color-safe detergent and hot water, then dry the garment in a hot dryer. Repeat the process until the garment shrinks to the required size.


A "Cool story bro" sweatshirt is a sweatshirt that has the phrase emblazoned on it, sometimes accompanied by the companion phrase, "Tell it again." It's also possible to find T-shirts with the phrase "Cool story bro" printed on them.