A statutory service is a type of government mandated care or service to the public in the United Kingdom. An example of a statutory service is child support or free health care. More »

The Texas Secretary of State website offers corporation services for new and existing businesses, statutory documents services, access to the Texas Register, and document authentication. The website allows users to file ... More »

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In California, buyer's remorse law refers to the statutory rights of consumers to cancel contracts in certain instances, as detailed by the California Department of Consumer Affairs and USLegal.com. The contracts specifi... More »

Public borrowing is the total amount of money that has been borrowed by the government. The other terms used to refer to public borrowing are government debt, national debt or public debt. More »

Public assistance refers to government programs that provide funding to communities, individuals and families in need. For instance, the SNAP public assistance program provides funds to individuals and families who can't... More »

As of 2014, a single parent in the United Kingdom who receives government assistance for those eligible for job seeker's allowance and low-income benefits receives ?72.40 per week if she is 18 years old or older. A 16- o... More »

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An interim care order is a legal term in the United Kingdom to describe a temporary state in which the authorities take legal custody of a child pending evaluation of the family. After the evaluation takes place, a final... More »

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