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A second cousin once removed is either a parent's second cousin or a second cousin's child. Both of these people fit the description of this relationship.


Second cousins are the offspring of first cousins. If two people have the same great grandparents but do not not share the same grandparents, they are second cousins to each other. First cousins are the children of brothers and sisters.


Second cousins are individuals who share a great-grandparent. When people are second cousins, there are two generations between each of the cousins and their closest shared ancestor.


Second cousins are individuals who share a great-grandparent. The term "second" means that there are two generations between the cousins and their closest ancestor in common.


It is legal in all U.S. States for second cousins to marry. According to Cousin Couples and the book "Clinical Genetics Handbook," there is a very small, if any, chance of genetic defects in second-cousin marriage.


The relationship of a "third cousin twice removed" is that of third cousins who are two generations apart. A third cousin twice removed can be the grandchild of a third cousin or the third cousin of a grandparent. Third cousins can also be the grandchildren of two first...


Third cousins are two people who share at least one great-great-grandparent. They have parents who are second cousins, grandparents who are first cousins and great-grandparents who are siblings.