A letter of intent for promotion is a letter that is written by an employee requesting promotion. Such a letter must reflect the employee's value and contributions to the company and his potential to excel when given gre... More »

The websites Entrepreneur and Rocket Lawyer offer examples and styling guides for letters of intent. A letter of intent is used in business transactions to communicate an intention to enter into a serious, formal relatio... More »

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An example of an intent to lien letter is: "Please take notice that the undersigned has provided work, materials and equipment rental described as [INSERT DESCRIPTIONS] to the construction project located at [INSERT LEGA... More »

To get a promotion, an employee must typically work hard, work on important things, be liked by management, and self-promote sufficiently that management recognizes the worker’s potential. A company must also have a need... More »

When preparing to write a letter with an intent for promotion, research the new position, and make a list or outline of professional accomplishments. Begin the letter with an overview of skills, and explain how the skill... More »

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A sample employee transition plan is a template that outlines the kind of information that is included in an employee transition plan. This document is used to outline the actions an employee needs to take when transitio... More »

The particular date an employee plans to leave the company and an explanation of why he's resigning are important points to include in a resignation letter. It is also essential to express appreciation for the opportunit... More »

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