A sample letter for a non-renewal contract outlines for people the information they must include to notify someone he or she won't be continuing a job or continuing an apartment lease. More »

Bad news letters convey negative information clearly and decisively while also portraying the author in a positive light in order to preserve future relationships. These letters are used to terminate contracts or other b... More »

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A good source of sample letters for canceling a business contract is Docstoc. Docstoc hosts millions of professional documents and a wide selection of quality samples of cancellation letters. At Your Business is another ... More »

Some key aspects of a sample verification letter include an employee's place of work, date of hire, payment information and a summarization of job duties. The letter should also provide the employer's full name and job t... More »

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A sample character letter written to a judge should include a brief introduction, information on the subject's character based on experience and an invitation to contact the writer with further inquiries. Never give info... More »

Informal letter writing includes creating a letter to congratulate a person, express gratitude, invite someone, respond to an invitation or ask for information. Informal letters are also typically written when sharing ex... More »

A notarized letter serves as an authoritative document for important transactions, such as a deed or a lease. The notary letter should begin with the sender's address and name aligned on the right side, while the recipie... More »