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Thus, there is no reliable safety distance for neighborhood power lines. In general, a magnetic field level of 0.5 mG will be reached somewhere between 10 and 200 feet from the wires. But you cannot tell by simply looking up at the power lines. You have to test on-site with a gaussmeter to be sure.


I need the details of safe distance to construct house near the power transmission lines basing KV rating of particular line. raghu 09/04/2018 at 14:29 - Reply my house near street house power line line, only 2 feet gap between power line and wall. need advice


What Is A Safe Distance From High Voltage Power Lines? When you’re living near a power line, how close is too close? Like I talked about above, the EMF radiation from a power line can extend up to a quarter mile from the power lines, but the distance from the line is crucial to how much damage it will do.


There is no one way to determine a safe distance from street power lines, but a good range is between 10 to 200 feet from the wires. For high voltage transmission lines with larger cables and tall towers, a safe distance is around 700 feet.


Is There a Safe Living Distance from Power Lines? Hundreds of studies worldwide have shown that living next to high voltage power lines and other parts of the power transmission network increases your risk of cancer and other health problems. The closer you are the more you are bombarded with dangerous EMFs.


I am living near high voltage power lines. What is the safe distance of living near high voltage power lines? ELF exposure due to proximity to a high voltage power line depends upon 2 things. The current passing through the conductor; The distance of separation between the subject (person, family, premise) and the conductor.


So what is the ideal clearance zone for Safe distance for homes from high tension electrical lines? There is a simple and effective answer to this question. It is based upon drop of magnetic field values, as we move away from the high tension power lines. We suggest that a safe zone is where magnetic fields are less than 1 milliGauss (.1 ...


It depends on how you define “safe”. The other answers have already stressed that you should stay away from the power lines and never touch them to avoid electrocution (unless you know what you're doing). Although you may not die of electrocution,...


Workers look to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) to understand how close they should be to power lines. As a general rule, 10 feet is the minimum safe working distance from power lines. To follow exact regulations, you should know the voltage of the power lines that you will be working near.


The minimum safe distance from a high-voltage transmission power line that produces a magnetic field over household ambient levels is about 800 feet. You can use your personal EMF detector to see if your home is receiving the EMF radiation .