A roofing estimate calculator is an online tool for calculating the cost of roofing based on building height, dimensions, slope and roofing material. The calculator can be used to estimate the cost for flat, metal and as... More »

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An estimate calculator is a helpful financial planning aid that figures the approximate cost of an item or scenario. Government agencies, such as the IRS and the Social Security Administration, provide estimate calculato... More »

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The best way to obtain new rooftop estimates is to use an online calculator to get a rough estimate of the costs. Individuals can then confirm by calling their local roofing contractors and asking for an estimate. More »

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A provisional sum is an estimate of the cost of completing a particular job. A provisional sum includes the cost of supplying any materials needed for work. More »

To estimate the cost of installing house siding, some factors to consider are the type and quality of the siding material, the home's size and shape, the home location, labor costs and whether the old siding needs to be ... More »

A slope intercept calculator is a tool used to determine the slope-intercept form of an equation for a line passing through two points on a Cartesian coordinates plane. Other uses include calculation of the slope itself ... More »

A home appraisal calculator is a tool that provides a professional and unbiased estimate of the value of a particular home. Most sites that specialize in the real estate business offer this tool to customers. More »

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