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Plum pudding can be made anywhere from a few weeks to a year in advance and allowed to ripen in a cool place. It must be steamed 2 hours before serving. Leave it in hot water until ready to serve with hard sauce. This recipe is from "Entertaining," by Martha Stewart. 1. Oil a 2-quart steamer mold or ...


This white sauce with a hint of vanilla is the perfect topping for any dessert! This simple recipe combines margarine, sugar, egg, milk and vanilla extract.


AllRecipes and the Food Network provide recipes for plum pudding sauce. AllRecipe's plum pudding makes 4 servings. The Food Network's recipe Nana's traditional Christmas steamed plum pudding with hard sauce makes 8 servings. For the first recipe, combine 2 tablespoons of margarine, 3/4 cup of white sugar and 1 egg in a small saucepan over ...


This pudding is really best when made a year in advance and allowed to mellow. It was customary to make it early in Advent — the religious season before Christmas — and use it the following year.


Plum pudding is a steamed or boiled pudding frequently served at holiday times. Plum pudding has never contained plums. The name Christmas pudding is first recorded in 1858 in a novel by Anthony Trollope. Why is Plum Pudding called Plum Pudding when there are no plums in it? In the 17th century, plums referred to raisins or other fruits.


Get Nana's Traditional Christmas Steamed Plum Pudding with Hard Sauce Recipe from Food Network


Easy English plum pudding recipe. This magic Christmas plum pudding is a wonderful part of the celebrations and very easy to make. It can be made in advance and gets much much better with age.


The pudding can be wrapped tightly in foil and refrigerated for up to four days. To serve heat oven to 350°F. Heat foil-wrapped pudding for 1 hour or until thoroughly heated. Serve with hard sauce. Garnish the pudding with orange slices, sugar-frosted cranberries and shiny lemon leaves.


As the pudding is so, so rich and heavy, a plain vanilla custard is the least obtrusive sauce to use, though traditionalist state this is not a traditional sauce. Custard sauce, as it is also known, is so easy to make‚just look at the recipe—and you'll discover there's no need to ever buy a jar or packet again


This is the perfect recipe to prepare ahead since the flavor improves as the pudding "ages." Our luscious, creamy Hard Sauce, made with rum or brandy, is the ideal accompaniment.