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A quarter stick of dynamite has an average size of 1 inch in diameter and 6 inches in length. It is made with thick cardboard walls and filled with explosive powder. A quarter stick, which is also called an M-1000, is usually used as a firecracker.


This is a m-1000 firecracker also called a Quarter Stick firecracker. This large firecracker was detonated on a rock (which broke) and the ground shook. These are very powferll and no JOKE! Beats ...


However, quarter stick firecrackers do not contain nitroglycerin as dynamite does, and have far less explosive power. In the United States, quarter sticks and similar large firecrackers are illegal to manufacture or possess without a BATFE High Explosives Manufacturing License. They are sometimes colloquially known as M-1000s or "block busters".


The term quarter stick is based on a quarter-stick of dynamite, which it somewhat resembles. However, quarter stick firecrackers do not contain nitroglycerin as dynamite does, and have far less explosive power.


Dynamite is an explosive used for blasting and demolition. As invented by chemist Alfred Nobel in 1866, dynamite is the unstable compound nitroglycerin that is mixed with an inert filler to make ...


I, too, grew up hearing that an M80 was a "quarter stick" in power. But in the 1970's, I had the joy of helping build a road, and blasting through a rocky outcrop. Half a stick of dynamite is enough to throw canteloupe-sized boulders dozens of feet into the air. Two M80s are not! Silas


A stick of dynamite thus produced contains roughly 1 MJ of energy. Other sizes also exist, rated by either portion (Quarter-Stick or Half-Stick) or by weight. Dynamite is usually rated by "weight strength" (the amount of nitroglycerin it contains), usually from 20% to 60%.


Although these firecracker items look like half sticks, quarter sticks and full sticks of dynamite, they do not resemble them in noise or danger or illegality! These novelty firecrackers simply contain multiple firecrackers (anywhere from 50-300) on a single fuse…from the Dyno Stick to the Jumbo M5000 and M1000.


Illegal explosive devices are often manufactured and used during the fireworks season. Many law enforcement agencies consider explosive devices, commonly referred to as M-80s; M-100s, M-250s; M-1000s, and cherry bombs are illegal because they exceed the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission's explosive weight limits for consumer fireworks.