A population map is used to represent the overall distribution of population within a particular area. Most maps represent the varying population data using color, while other population maps use symbols, such as circles... More »

Feral pig maps of the United States show that populations are heavily concentrated in Southern states such as Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Florida and Louisiana. Heavy populations also exist in California, and an overall t... More »

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Several organizations work to save polar bears by holding federal and state agencies accountable under the Endangered Species Act of 1973, which offers legal protection to designated plants and animals under the federal ... More »

A thematic map displays information regarding a specific data set, such as the average population density in a certain area. A thematic map does not show general geographic features, such as city locations, unless used a... More »

In order for an area to be considered a state, it must have a permanent population, a defined territory, a government and sovereignty. If just one of these is missing, an area will not be given statehood. More »

The Caribbean Sea, an oceanic area located in the Western and Northern hemispheres, is found north of South America, east of Central America, and south of the United States. The Caribbean stretches from the Yucatan Penin... More »

Represented by different colors and shapes, map symbols are used to indicate certain terrain features or important locations in a specified area. The reduced representation of a map is rendered useless without the symbol... More »