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Peace bonds in Texas require individuals to refrain from certain offensive or harmful activities for a period of one year. These peace bonds serve as one of three types of protective orders issued by a magistrate or legal professional.


Protective Order? Restraining Order? Peace Bond? This handout is meant to explain the difference between restraining orders, protective orders, and peace bonds. There is often confusion between the three. Many people, including some in law enforcement, believe that the three terms mean the same thing. The terms do not mean the same thing.


FORM OF PEACE BOND. Such bond shall be sufficient if it be payable to the State of Texas, conditioned as required in said order of the magistrate, be for some certain sum, and be signed by the defendant and his surety or sureties and dated, ...


WHICH TO CHOOSE –> (click title for full details) Protective Order : Temporary Restraining Order Peace Bond: What is the situation? You have been harmed by a family member, or someone you dated and fear the abuser will hurt you again.


If you need a peace bond, then that means you are seeking a restraining order, and I am sorry for your situation. A peace bond is used when someone has threatened to harm you or your property, and you believe she or he will carry out the threats. A peace bond is essentially a restraining order that is granted by a Justice of the Peace Court.


peace bond complaint case no.: _____ the state of texas county of collin i,_____, do solemnly swear that i have good reason to believe, and do believe, that _____ defendant, has threatened to commit and is about to commit an


A Peace Bond is not a protective order or a restraining order. A peace bond is only approved or denied by the Judge. If you are filing a peace bond with our court, the information you provide must be true and correct. If you knowingly provide false information, criminal action ... THE STATE OF TEXAS ...


A. You apply for a Peace Bond by filing a Peace Bond Complaint and Statement of Offense by Complaining Party with the Justice of the Peace in your precinct. If the crime has already happened, a criminal complaint should be filed with the police or sheriff, instead of a Peace Bond. Peace Bond Application can be found here. More Resources ...


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Justices of the peace handle both civil and criminal cases, including small claims court, justice court, and administrative hearings. In practical terms, these are lawsuits over debts, evictions, car accidents, unlawful towing, and property.