A multi-story building is a building that supports two or more floors above ground. There is no formal restriction on the height of such a building or the number of floors a multi-story building may contain, though talle... More »

Commonly found in northeast India, Assam houses usually have a single story and serve as multi-family houses. In many cases, Assam houses do not have common walls with any other buildings. More »

Clearwater, Montana, has a mixture of commercial and residential properties for sale, along with condominiums, apartments and vacant land, as noted by Clearwater Montana Properties Inc. (CMP). Homeowners searching for a ... More »

To build your dream house, think about details you liked or disliked in past houses to give you a starting point, then decide what features you most want in your dream house, such as the number of floors, bedrooms and ba... More »

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A flight of stairs simply means the number of uninterrupted stairs between floors or landings, so the number of steps in a flight can vary. It depends on a building's size, the space between floors and the type of buildi... More »

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Basements and cellars often differ in terms of size, decoration, relation to the ground level, presence of windows and level of protection from bad weather. They also differ in terms of function, as people usually use ce... More »

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The Empire State Building stands is 1,250 feet above the ground, or 103 stories. The antenna adds an additional 204 feet to its height. The 86th floor observatory is 1,050 feet above ground, while the 102nd floor observa... More »