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Mallets are commonly used as children's toys. Lightweight wooden mallets are used for peg toys. Toy mallets are also used in games such as Whac-A-Mole. Another type of toy mallet is a plastic mallet made of soft, hollow vinyl, with bellows and a built-in whistle, so that when the mallet is struck, it produces a sharp, chirping sound.


Carpenters often use mallets to secure pieces of wood together by bluntly striking the pieces until they fit into holes and other openings. People often use wooden mallets to create and shape other kinds of tools.

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Serving mallet definition is - a wooden device shaped like a mallet, grooved on the bottom, and used in serving ropes.


Define mallet. mallet synonyms, mallet pronunciation, mallet translation, English dictionary definition of mallet. mallet rubber mallet n. 1. a. A short-handled hammer, usually with a cylindrical head of wood, used chiefly to drive a chisel or wedge. b. A similar tool...


A mallet may also be used to knock pieces of wood into place, or to hammer pegs into furniture and flooring. If a mallet strikes the project being worked on, the soft material simply bounces off, rather than creating a gouge as a hammer might. Mallets are also used in metalworking and jewelry to flatten metal and drive various tools.


mallet: 1 n a tool resembling a hammer but with a large head (usually wooden); used to drive wedges or ram down paving stones or for crushing or beating or flattening or smoothing Synonyms: beetle Types: carpenter's mallet a short-handled mallet with a wooden head used to strike a chisel or wedge gavel a small mallet used by a presiding ...


What is a rubber mallet used for? Rubber mallets are used for more than one purpose when it comes to construction and home improvement, as they are versatile. No matter what the project is, these tools are normally used for striking another object and applying force to it, similar to a hammer.


Mallet finger is an injury to the tip of the finger when something hard, like a baseball, jams it. This can damage the tendon and bone, causing the finger to droop. Treatment options include ...


A mallet is a wooden tool used to tap or hit a chisel. In ancient Egypt stonemasons will have used mallets to help carve stone.


Mallet definition is - a hammer with a typically barrel-shaped head: such as. How to use mallet in a sentence.