A log book is a systematic daily or hourly record of activities, events and occurrences. Log books are often used in the workplace, especially by truck drivers and pilots, to log hours and distances covered. More »

A log book for diabetics is useful as it lets them track their progress, evaluate the efficacy of medication, and eliminate activities that raise the risk of sugar spikes, says Diabetes Forecast. Log books help keep diab... More »

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Useful daily log books include blood pressure, blood glucose and daily caloric intake logs. Using these logs to monitor health conditions such as high blood pressure and diabetes can be useful for keeping numbers in heal... More »

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A probabilistic system is one where events and occurrences cannot be predicted with precise accuracy. It is contrasted by a deterministic system in which all events can be predicted with certainty. More »

Kids are increasingly aware of events that impact the world they live in, especially damaging and debilitating occurrences such as oil spills. When kids want to know facts, they need those facts delivered in a way they c... More »

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Several online word cloud generators do not require a log-in name, including Wordle, Word Cloud Generator and WordItOut. These generators make word clouds out of any text, blog or website. More »

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Personal life refers to the events that make up an individual's life and help shape personal identity. It may also be used to refer to time spent away from work, school or other commitments, pursuing personal interests a... More »

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