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Define learner's permit. learner's permit synonyms, learner's permit pronunciation, learner's permit translation, English dictionary definition of learner's permit. Noun 1. learner's permit - a document authorizing the bearer to learn to drive an automobile license, permit, licence - a legal document giving official...


Synonyms for learner's permit in Free Thesaurus. Antonyms for learner's permit. 3 words related to learner's permit: license, permit, licence. What are synonyms for learner's permit?


How many questions are there on the Tennessee permit test? 30 multiple choice questions. Which score is required to pass the Tennessee permit test? You must answer at least 24 out of 30 questions correctly. How can I pass the knowledge test? Study the Tennessee Driver License Manual.


Will the State of Missouri accept my out of state learner's permit, should I get pulled over? I currently live in the state of Kansas, and am planning to travel to St. Louis later this month, and I have a Kansas State Learner's Permit.


hello, i just received my Michigan learner's permit a few days ago and my parents are a little skeptical of letting me drive after 10:00 p.m. (even though they are in the car) because of the Michigan level 2 license curfew. i was just wondering if there were any restrictions on the Michigan...


Your Learner's Permit PLASTIC Card (not the paper interim permit) If you are under the age of 18, You must bring this form with you, with your parents signature You must have had your permit for 6 months in order to take the road test If you have recently turned 18, you must have your new permit. The road test


A Learner's Permit MAG. April 10, 2009. By ElizabethS. PLATINUM, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. More by this author Follow ElizabethS. ElizabethS. PLATINUM, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 32 articles 0 photos ...


VicRoads Learner Permit Knowledge Test for carGet your learner&39;s license by practising the VicRoads Learner Permit Knowledge Test for car. This app contains 338 test questions all based on the Road to Solo Driving handbook. ...


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Synonyms for learner's dictionary in Free Thesaurus. Antonyms for learner's dictionary. 1 synonym for learner's dictionary: school dictionary. What are synonyms for learner's dictionary?