Landmark numbers are familiar landing places that make solving math problems easier, such as multiples of tens or hundreds. Familiarity with these numbers is vital to understanding numbers and their relationships with on... More »

A landmark number is a number that makes math simpler by virtue of it being easy to relate to and calculate with, such as the number "10." Most landmark numbers are multiples of 10. More »

To find the location of a Landmark Theatre use the location finder tool on the company’s website, You can select a specific city from the drop-down menu or view all Landmark Theatre locations. More » Business & Finance Business Resources Customer Service

A geometric pattern refers to a sequence of numbers created by multiplying a specific value or number by the value of its previous one. As long as there are more than two numbers in the pattern, multiplication can be use... More »

In math, the multiples of a number include all the numbers that result from multiplying that number by any whole number. A number's multiples include the number itself plus the numbers that are divisible by it without le... More »

Multiply two-digit numbers by doing two separate multiplication problems, one with the tens column of one of the numbers and one with the units column of that number, and adding the answers together. The sum of the two n... More » Math Arithmetic

One example of a seventh grade math problem includes listing the multiples of a certain number like "find all the multiples of the numbers 50 and 95." Another example is solving an equation such as "(12 ÷ 6) + 7" using t... More » Education K-12 K-12 Curriculum