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A junior accountant is essentially an entry-level accountant and often holds a bachelor's degree in accounting and performs tasks such as calculating taxes and preparing financial reports. A junior accountant performs various accounting tasks, generally under the superv...


In high school, junior year is 11th grade. High school begins with ninth grade, or freshman year. Sophomores are in grade 10. The last year of high school, senior year, is 12th grade. Many students begin planning for their lives after high school during their junior yea...


Junior colleges in Texas include public community colleges and private for-profit technical schools such as Palo Alto College, El Centro College and Tyler Junior College. Post-secondary schools are considered to be junior colleges when they provide educational programs ...


IIHF World Junior Standings are readily available online through a number of sources, including HockeyCanada, SportsNet and The Sports Network. Standings include the records of each club in preliminary round play, points earned and scoring differential.


A salon junior is a stylist who is undergoing an internship or apprenticeship at a beauty salon. Junior stylists may perform tasks such as shampooing hair and giving simple hair cuts, keeping towels and supplies stocked, and cleaning the salon.


A girl's size 14 is designed for a girl who is 60 to 62 inches in height with a 32-inch bust, a 26.5-inch waist and 34.5-inch hips. This is equivalent to a juniors' size 1 or 3.


Some junior colleges in Virginia include Thomas Nelson Community College, Tidewater Community College and Paul D. Camp Community College. These colleges offer students a variety of associate's degrees.