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A historical factor is any element of influence on a situation that is related to history. A historical factor could be anything from President Abraham Lincoln's Emancipation Proclamation to World War II as these things exert influence on many events.


A factor is a number or algebraic expression by which another isexactly divisible. 2 is a factor of 4. 2x is a factor of 4x. 2 is not a factor of 5. share with friends Share to:


If the rudimentary kinless groups do indeed constitute a factor in human evolution, they are a most important factor. Folklore as an Historical Science | George Laurence Gomme (p. 097) By the assistance of his uncle he became soon after the factor of a rich trading widow in his native city.


Best Answer: I think what you are actually looking for is historical factors influencing the life of Mother Teresa. Take me for instance. I was born right after WWII in West Virginia. The economy was starting to recover (a factor). My Uncle was established in California's building and construction business.


Social, cultural, and historical factors set the stage for concepts that define intimate relationships and that are internalized by intimate partners. In turn, the forms of intimate relationships, in an ongoing way, help change the societies and cultures and thus, ultimately, change the history of a given period. This is an ongoing evolution.


identify and describe one historical factor that contributed to the worldwide use of english british empire because they colonized parts of north america, india, and africa identify and explain two examples that show how globalization is contributing to english becoming the worlds lingua franca


Factor V Leiden induces a defect in the natural anti-coagulation system. Factor five is produced by the liver and circulates in the blood, generally inactive until there is a injury to a vessel wall, than specific proteins will be activated in response to the injury.


History Factor: The influence and affect history has on a particular result, decision or situation Behind every action and event there is an important and contributing “history factor”. By understanding the “history factor” we can navigate current events, comprehend conflicts past and present, and fully appreciate the diverse world we ...


Historical factors. What historical factors were important in affecting "D" (death rates)? Very early in human history, increases in brain size and the development of increasingly sophisticated culture and communication allowed death rates to decrease.


Historical facts do play a central role in other kinds of conflicts, for example, long-running international conflicts over territory. A clear example of this is the Palestinian/Israeli conflict. Each side holds its own version of the region's history, and the respective versions are reflected in each side's rhetoric.